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This organization was founded and developed by Sergio McClain in 2011, originally as The 217309 Pipeline Organization. Sergio renamed this non-for-profit organization in honor of his father. Thus, The 217309 Pipeline Organization was renamed as the Wayne McClain Pipeline Foundation in 2015.

Why Us?

Sergio McClain developed the 217 309 Pipeline organization in 2011 and in honor of his father renamed his organization to the Wayne McClain Pipeline Foundation in 2015.

The Wayne McClain Pipeline Foundation was born out of a desire to continue the legacy of Coach Wayne McClain to provide leadership training, mentoring, tutorial services, and scholarships to youth and their families in the Central Illinois region. The original Pipeline initiative incorporated fundamentals from Sergio's own upbringing--the necessity of both a strong mind and body. Recognizing a great need for this service in underprivileged communities, Sergio’s program was designed to serve as an interface between academics and fitness for low income, low achieving youth, 6-19 years of age who were enrolled in a Title I school. The 217 309 initiative was designated for tutorial assistance in all educational areas, with particular focus on reading, writing, and math skills, with a secondary portion being programmed to encompass the principles of physical fitness, including active participation in organized exercises. This initiative found a common interest with the endeavors of Coach McClain and was renamed in his honor. Thus, The Wayne McClain Pipeline Foundation was born. We are sure Coach Wayne would be proud of his son's achievements in his honor.

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