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The Wayne McClain Pipeline Foundation introduces a new addition to our foundation: The Basketball Preparatory Academy! This program is designed to present recent high school graduates with an opportunity for exposure to a unique basketball philosophy, developmental skill instruction and all that is great in the world of basketball. The goal at the Wayne McClain Pipeline Basketball Preparatory Academy (WMBA) is simple: to help our players learn to compete at the college level while also helping them mature into responsible adults. This initiative is in direct alignment with the teachings, beliefs and legacy of Coach Wayne McClain .

We strive to make academics relevant to the lives of our student athletes. Here at the WMBA we help students satisfy their academic needs offering a tailored approach with online and classroom experiences through our partnership with local Jucos and Universities. We want our students to have an enjoyable experience. What our athletes learn here at the academy will stay with them long after the ball bounces. Our learning opportunities at the WMBA are multifaceted. Participants will learn via the classroom, on the court, and throughout all academy events. We also pride ourselves on being cost effective because we are the most economical post grad program in the country.


Local $6500

Local athletes with room $7,800

Out of State $10,800

Classes are additional cost.

Payment is made twice a year on September 1st and January 1st of the school year.

Down-payment: TBA

The down-payment is made on September 1st. Monthly payments are made on the 1st of each month from September through June of each school year. Grace period ends on the 29th of each month and there will be a late fee of $25.00 assessed per day until payment if made.

PENALTIES: Failure to adhere to the agreed contract will result in immediate suspension of all WMBA privileges until rectified. Unresolved contracts of 30 days or more will result in dismissal from the program and legal ramifications. More information is to come.

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