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Wayne McClain Pipeline Basketball Preparatory Academy    (WMBA)


Training to work by:

Training to live by and...

Training to Succeed.


Our post graduate program (WMBA) is for athletes who have completed their high school education but need more exposure or experience in order to earn a scholarship or make a collegiate team. A player's level of skill is often determined by offensive and defensive basketball I.Q., work ethic, and athletic ability. Paying attention to detail and transitioning those attributes positively and consistently during games will produce a confidence among recruiters to fill in their positional needs with our basketball academy's talent.

This program allows athletes to take advantage of a post year to improve weaknesses, while competing against other top prep, juco, and NIAA programs across the nation without losing any of their 4 year eligibility. After a 25+ game schedule, players will have the experience and confidence to compete at the next level. If a player's motivation is a scholarship, the WMPBPA will assist them by pushing, pointing, and supporting their path to reach their dreams. We set the bar for our players high, allowing them to take on the responsibilities of professionalism to produce and perform consistently in competitive environments.


Kam Rowan, and Derrick Hazelwood Pts. 1 and Pts. 2, Caleb Sutton, Lester Heart and Abule Abadi.

Lester Heart Part 1

Lester Heart Part 2

Lester Heart Part 3

Abule Abadi Testimony

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