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McClain Pipeline Foundation Foster Grandparent Program.

The Wayne McClain Pipeline Foundation was born out of a desire to continue the legacy of Coach Wayne McClain to provide leadership training, mentoring, tutorial services, and scholarships to youth and their families in the Central Illinois region. This program has been in existence since 2014. Our Foster Grandparent Program accomplishes our goals by going into school classrooms, assisting the teacher in various capacities. Foster grandparents must always serve under the supervision of a staff member at their volunteer station and should not be left alone to supervise children. Foster grandparents will assist in Kindergarten classrooms for 3 hours a day and 3 days per week. Our target group is children grades pre-K-1st and hours of operation can be modified. Our grandparents are paid a stipend and will come into schools in identifiable uniforms.

The McClain Pipeline Foundation Foster Grandparent Program (MPFFGP) is focused on providing any school system or community with much needed transformational change. This transformational change is necessary for schools and communities to shift the paradigm from the old Industrial Age paradigm that no longer works for our youths. MPFFGP believes in reaching the heart and minds of youths by pairing them with a foster grandparent with more life experiences and understanding of the human elements of life. Specifically, we will provide:

● Help children learn to read and provide one onocial and emotional supports (Grades preK-1)

● Volunteers for the FGP who meet the criteria of having an income that is 200% below the poverty guidelines to receive a stipend.

● Volunteers who are able to work 10-15 hours per week (M-F)

● Volunteers who pass a background check.

● Volunteers who receive training, guidance and support.

Our Foster Grandparents. We Thank You For Your Service to our community.

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